Prints of your Pet Portrait

I'm hesitant to recommend websites for printing your pet portrait, as different sites have the best offers at different times. Do a bit of homework before ordering from any of them. Vistaprint is usually good the first time you use it as they have good introductory offers. I've bought a canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints which was a really nice quality. I've also had a small canvas from which wasn't as good - it felt very 'vinyl-ly' and was printed quite dark.

The following websites can print your own image, or you can purchase prints of my artwork from them.

T-shirts and Giftware from Spreadshirt

I've set up a Spreadshirt shop which allows you to design your own items and have them printed. You can use my images, or you can upload your own to the site. One thing to note is that the images don't print that well on a dark t-shirt because the background colour shows through and makes it far too dark.

Prints and Giftware from Cafepress

I've also resurrected a Cafepress shop and filled it with new images.

Prints from Photobox

I have some images on Photobox, which provides fairly inexpensive printing of small pictures but gets expensive for larger items.

Prints from DeviantArt

Again, DeviantArt is expensive for larger prints, but again I have some artwork on there if you want to use it.

Giftware from Zazzle

I have a large number of older images on Zazzle UK and Zazzle US, which will also allow you to upload your own images to create gifts and garments. My newer images are mostly not on there as the interface for building a collection to sell makes me want to scream!

Just for fun

Online jigsaws from Jigidi